Serving Ireland's geospatial information as Linked Data.

Querying the Data

Boundary data is made available via a Triple Pattern Fragments server, which allows for efficient client-side querying and minimize the load on a server. OSi's Triple Pattern Fragment server is hosted on Users can query this server with the following the following web client:

The Triple Pattern Fragments server currently contains three datasets:

Note that a Triple Pattern Fragments server is used to retrieve simple triple patterns and are not really suited for exploring and querying the data. The following link shows how one can retrieve a list of counties with the fragments server: click here. If one wishes to retrieve a list of counties (and their labels), one can execute the following query in the client: click here.

Linked Data Frontend

HTTP URIs follow Linked Data principles and resolve to a Web page or RDF file with content negotiation. For instance, if one follows the HTTP URI for County Dublin, it will redirect to describing Dublin in HTML.

Download the Data

OSi "boundary" database contains geometrical representations of the boundaries of the administrative units (e.g., county, city, and rural area) of the Republic of Ireland. These are generalized up to 20, 50 and 100 meters. The following table allows boundary data to be downloaded in the RDF Turtle format.

Administrative Unit Boundary Generalisation (in meters)
20 50 100 (default)
Barony Barony 20m  (Metadata) Barony 50m  (Metadata) Barony 100m  (Metadata)
Census 2011 Cities and Legal Towns Cen 11 Cities and Legal Towns 20m  (Metadata) Not available Cen 11 Cities and Legal Towns 100m   (Metadata)
Census 2011 Electoral Divisions Cen 11 Electoral Divisions 20m  (Metadata) Not available Cen 11 Electoral Divisions 100m   (Metadata)
Census 2011 Electoral Divisions Links Cen 11 Electoral Divisions Links
Census 2011 Settlements Cen 11 Settlements 20m   (Metadata) Not available Cen 11 Settlements 100m   (Metadata)
Census 2011 Small Areas General Cen 11 Small Areas General 20m   (Metadata) Not available Cen 11 Small Areas General 100m   (Metadata)
City and County Council City and County Council 20m   (Metadata) City and County Council 50m   (Metadata) City and County Council 100m   (Metadata)
City Council City Council 20m   (Metadata) City Council 50m   (Metadata) City Council 100m   (Metadata)
County County 20m   (Metadata) County 50m   (Metadata) County 100m   (Metadata)
County Council County Council 20m   (Metadata) County Council 50m   (Metadata) County Council 100m   (Metadata)
Electoral Division Electoral Divisions 20m   (Metadata) Electoral Divisions 50m   (Metadata) Electoral Divisions 100m   (Metadata)
Local Electoral Area Local Elec Area 20m   (Metadata) Local Elec Area 50m   (Metadata) Local Elec Area 100m   (Metadata)
Municipal Districts Municipal Districts 20m   (Metadata) Municipal Districts 50m   (Metadata) Municipal Districts 100m   (Metadata)
Parish Parish 20m   (Metadata) Parish 50m   (Metadata) Parish 100m   (Metadata)
Rural Area Rural Area 20m   (Metadata) Rural Area 50m   (Metadata) Rural Area 100m   (Metadata)
Townland Townland 20m   (Metadata) Townland 50m   (Metadata) Townland 100m   (Metadata)
Boundaries Boundaries 20m   (Metadata) Boundaries 50m  (Metadata) Boundaries 100m  (Metadata)
Links to DBpedia Links to DBpedia
Full Dump Full Dataset (large file)   (Metadata)

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