Serving Ireland's geospatial information as Linked Data.

Linked Data Frontend

HTTP URIs follow Linked Data principles and resolve to a Web page or RDF file with content negotiation. For instance, if one follows the HTTP URI for County Dublin, it will redirect to describing Dublin in HTML. Another example is - which is the URI for Galway Ceannt Train station.

Download the Data

The OSi "boundary" dataset includes a 20m generalised geometry of the boundaries of the administrative units (e.g., county, city, and rural area) of the Republic of Ireland using the ITM coordinate reference system. The following table allows boundary data to be downloaded in the RDF N3 format.

Administrative Unit (updated for 2019) Dump File
Barony Download
Council Download
County Download
Electoral Division Download
Gaeltacht Region Download
Local Electoral Area Download
Municipal Districts Download
National Constituency Download
Parish Download
Rural Area Download
Townland Download
Links to DBpedia Download

The OSi "building" dataset includes a point geometry (ITM coordinate reference system), along with building form and function details. Please see the Geospatial Form and Function (Geoff) ontology (avaliable here) which provides explainations of the different forms and functions of the building data. The following table allows building data to be downloaded in the RDF N3 format. Currently the buildng data for County Galway is available.

Building Data Dump File
Galway Building Data Download

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