Serving Ireland's geospatial information as Linked Data.

COVID-19 Linked Data

Daily statistics on the COVID-19 virus in Ireland are available as Linked Data and dataset dump files are available below for download.

  • The Covid Statistics Profile data consists of the up to date Covid-19 Daily Statistics as well as the Profile of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland, as reported by the Health Surveillance Protection Centre. The Covid-19 Daily Statistics are updated on a daily basis, with the latest record reporting the counts recorded at 1pm the same day. The further breakdown of these counts (age, gender, transmission, etc.) is part of a Daily Statistics Profile of Covid-19, an analysis that utilises the data that dates back to 12am two days previous to help identify patterns and trends.
  • The Covid County Statistics data consists of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland by County as reported by the Health Surveillance Protection Centre. This data links into the OSi county geospatial Linked Data through the Unique Geospatial Identifier (UGI) for each each county.

  • Linked Data Frontend

    The COVID-19 data follows Linked Data principles and resolve to a Web page or RDF file with content negotiation.

    For example, the following URI for a COVID-19 statistics profile record: will redirect to describing this record in HTML. To access the raw RDF data, the following URI can be used:

    Another example is the following URI which is a county statistics record for county Dublin: It will resolve to The following URI can be used to access the raw RDF data:

    Download the Data

    The following dataset dump files are made available in the RDF Turtle format.

    COVID-19 Dataset
    Covid Statistics Profile
    Covid County Statistics

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