Serving Ireland's geospatial information as Linked Data.

About the Initiative

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology are collaborating to serve Ireland's geospatial information as Linked Data on the Web. We aim to facilitate easier access to OSi data sets for third parties allowing for more meaningful interactions with the data. That collaboration is enabled through ADAPT’s "targeted projects", a mechanism that enables joint research collaboration aimed at developing innovative technologies to solve industry problems and is co-funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) .

In 2014, OSi delivered a newly developed spatial data storage model known as Prime2. With Prime2, OSi moved from a traditional map-centric model towards an object-oriented model from which various types of mapping and data services can be produced. Prime2 and the associated workflows furthermore designed governance practices to cope with evolution of spatial objects in their model. The system currently holds information of over 50,000,000 spatial objects (road segments, buildings, fences, etc.), of which some have more than one geometry representation.

The goal of this initiative was to how the Prime2 model can be used as a basis for publishing OSi's geospatial data as Linked Data on the Web whilst adhering to best practices in the domain of geospatial information. The adoption of Linked Data enables third parties to explore and consume rich data in a meaningful manner via a combination of simple, standardized technologies (e.g., RDF and URI) that operate over the Web’s existing HTTP infrastructure.

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