Serving Ireland's geospatial information as Linked Data.

About the Initiative

The goal of Ordnance Survey Ireland's (OSi) initiative with ADAPT is to develop a platform to publish OSi's geospatial data as Linked Data on the Web whilst adhering to best practices in the domain of geospatial information. The publication of Linked Data enables third parties to explore and consume rich data in a meaningful manner via a combination of simple, standardized technologies (e.g., RDF and URI) that operate over the Web's existing HTTP infrastructure.

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Ordnance Survey Ireland's geospatial data is available via a Linked Data frontend (e.g., by following the HTTP URI of County Dublin) and as downloadable datasets for local use.

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As of April 2020, is also hosting a Linked Data representaion of Irish COVID-19 statistics, which are available through a Linked Data frontend (click here for an example) and as downloadable datasets for local use.

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